Who is Behind GroupMinded?

It's us - Ben Gruber and Nathan Cooper. We're just a couple of guys with love of the startup game and a nagging belief that things are better when you get to work with people you enjoy.

GroupMinded's Impetus

The idea for GroupMinded came to us immediately after selling our first venture together. We were reviewing what we loved and what we couldn’t stand about our last company in hopes of landing on an idea that would be pure enjoyment to launch. The one point that we 100% agreed on was that working with friends, family, and community was both incredibly fun and rewarding for us as well as remarkably effective for the business.

So we thought, what if we structured our next project from the very core with that in mind? What if the community was not an auxiliary part of the process, but actually the thing that drives it.

The core kernel of GroupMinded was born.

Introducing The Team

B grub

Ben Gruber


Ben’s main contribution to GroupMinded will be his 10+ years entrepreneurial experience and ability to take broad concepts and productize them for users.

Core Skillz: Web Development, Web Design, Web Analytics

Past Relevant Experience: Sold Bar Crawl Business, Started 40 person Web Dev Agency, Started and failed on hundreds of other projects.

Fun Facts: Once ate Chipotle for 30 straight days and wrote about it in relationship metaphor. Has a small web series called 60 Second Sandwiches that films people making their favorite sandwiches in their own kitchens.

Ben on the Web:

N coop

Nathan Cooper


Nathan’s main contribution to GroupMinded will be his ability to take our fellow founders voices and make them into a coherent statistically relevant data set.

Core Skillz: Data Scientist, Psychologist, Brand Strategist

Past Relevant Experience: Sold bar crawl business, Over a decade of research experience in academic and business settings, Instructor at Hunter College

Fun Facts: A big supporter of bicycle transit, Nathan built his current ride himself. Nathan helped develop a revolutionary smoking cessation program with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Nathan on the Web:

Want to know more? Hit Nathan Up: nathan@groupminded.com