Crowdsourced Startup from Idea to IPO

Can the wisdom of crowds produce a successful startup?

From the problem hypothesis, to the actual idea, through the valleys of early adoption up to the peaks of user growth, our team is going to embark on the manic process of creating and launching a startup through to it’s logical conclusion - massive success or horrific failure. Unlike most startup ventures though, the fate of this startup will rest entirely on the opinions, ideas, and votes of our 1000+ founding members.

We will guide the founding team through Lean Startup implementation, teaching and eliciting feedback from the founders along the way. The group will power the brain of the startup through their voting, discussions, social media interactions, and enthusiasm. We will implement the team’s decisions on the fly, in real time, opening any new questions that arise straight back to the opinions of the group.

Will this social experiment in crowdsourcing show that the wisdom of crowds translates even to entrepreneurship or will the perception of the one man with a vision fighting against all doubts remain as the only way to create something impactful. Soon, we will know.